Level Design

GTA 5 Transform Race Design (Individual)

Designing a race using the GTA 5 level editor.

Golf With Your Friends (Individual)

A Christmas themed 18 hole course I designed using the in-game level editor in 'Golf With Your Friends' with gradually increasing difficulty!

Portal Level Design (Individual)

Creating a community test chamber using the Portal 2 level editor!

Steep Level Design (Individual)

Creating a Level Design Document for 'Steep'!

Far Cry Level Design (Individual)

Creating a level using the Far Cry Level Editor! Find a way off the island as soon as possible!

CS GO Level Design (Individual)

Designing a map using the Hammer World Editor for Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

INSIDE Level Analysis (Individual)

Analysing a level from Playdead's INSIDE.

Titanfall 2 Level Analysis (Individual)

Analysing a level from Respawn's Titanfall 2.

Storytelling using Level Design (Individual Seminar)

A seminar on how Level Design can be used to tell a story.

Enemy-based Level Design (Individual)

Making levels specifically tailored to the enemies in your game, and my level design process!