My Portfolio

A collection of the projects and games I've worked on!

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My Projects

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Game Design and Development.

My Games

Games I made from scratch using Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 3D.

My Coursework

Game Design, Game Development Processes, Level Design, Gameplay and Prototyping, Modeling Texturing and Animation in Maya, IGM Production Studio.

My YouTube Channel

Sharing my passion for video games with the world.

My Projects
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Drums Playable in VR (Individual Project)

With a combination of Virtual Reality and Leap Motion, I was able to create a drum that plays a sound when a user hits it with his/her hands, using Unreal Engine 4. This project is compatible with the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset.

VR Theatre (Individual Project)

I created a theatre in Virtual Reality which can play movies and make the person wearing the headset actually feel like he/she is at a theatre. This project is compatible with the Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard.

AR Project (Individual Project)

AR works on the concept of target markers. The digital image is displayed over a target marker. The marker that is used to display AR objects is the HIRO Marker. My assignment was to change that marker to the logo of the company I was interning at, so that the AR object would be displayed on it.

UI / Mini-map Integration (Individual Project)

A mini-map is used to display the location of the player on the map. This project displays the location of the player that changes as the player moves, and it also displays a beam of light projecting from the player icon, which indicates the direction in which the player is moving.

My Games
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Lightless (Group Project)

Level Designer, Game Designer on a capstone project currently in development - You are in a city that has sunken underground. Solve puzzles and make your way past distinct enemies to get back to the top with light as your only weapon! Demo showcased at the grand opening of RIT's MAGIC Center!

Life (Group Project)

A game about kindness, showcased at the iThrive Game Jam 2018!

Endless Runner (Individual Project)

A Third Person Endless Runner I made using Unreal Engine 4. Collect the rings and avoid the magma!

First Person Shooter (Individual Project)

A First Person Shooter I made using Unreal Engine 4. Shoot the enemies and reach the finish!

A Race Against Time (Individual Project)

Beat the high scores and go through the checkpoints as fast as you can! Made using Unreal Engine 4!

Heroes Never Die (Individual Project)

A twin stick shooter with a twist! Time moves only when you move! Survive by eliminating endless swarms of enemies! Made using Unreal Engine 4!

DODGECUBE (Individual Project)

You are a cube.
Made using Unity 3D!

My Coursework
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IGME 602: Game Design

Critiques, Pitches and Design Documents.

IGME 601: Game Development Processes

Development Methods, Postmortems, Risk Assessments, Concept Documents, Pitches and Quality Assurance.

IGME 796: Level Design

Level layouts, design and analyses, seminars.

IGME 603: Gameplay and Prototyping

Weekly individual and team-based game jams!

IGME 799: Modeling, Texturing and Animation in Maya

Using Maya 2018 to make object and character models, texture them and create animations!

IGME 680: IGM Production Studio

Designing and Developing a VR Escape Room game, showcased at the Imagine RIT 2018 festival.

IGME 788: Capstone Design and Development

Designing and Developing "Lightless", a 3D puzzle-based game, using Unity 3D.

IGME 622: Game Balance

Balancing games using Probability and Statistics in Excel.

IGME 670: Digital Audio Production

Creating audio for games using a variety of digital audio softwares.

My YouTube Channel
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A Taste Of My Work

I love editing videos in my spare time. My uploads mainly comprise of gaming montages, music videos, fan-made trailers, and trailer mashups.

Contact Me
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About Me

I'm a graduate student pursuing my MS in Game Design and Development at Rochester Institute of Technology! I graduate in May 2019!

Unreal Engine 4, Unity 3D, Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Adobe After Effects, Camtasia Studio
Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Leap Motion
Programming Languages
C#, C, C++, Java
Level Design, Game Design, Game Development, Modeling, Video Editing
Work Experience

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