Life (Group Project)

A game about kindness, showcased at the iThrive Game Jam 2018!

Endless Runner (Individual Project)

A Third Person Endless Runner I made using Unreal Engine 4. Collect the rings and avoid the magma!

A Race Against Time (Individual Project)

Beat the high scores and go through the checkpoints as fast as you can! Made using Unreal Engine 4!

Heroes Never Die (Individual Project)

A twin stick shooter with a twist! Time moves only when you move! Survive by eliminating endless swarms of enemies! Made using Unreal Engine 4!

DODGECUBE (Individual Project)

You are a cube.
Made using Unity 3D!

Alternate Control Project 1 (Group Project)

Creating a controller called Octopad 3000, that allows 8 people to simultaneously control the movement of a fish underwater.

Alternate Control Project 2 (Group Project)

A game where the player has to follow the sensei's orders to learn new moves. The player controls his/ her character by moving the hands and legs on a stick figure!

Analysing and Designing for Cascade (Individual)

Designing a Holiday-themed level and a new mechanic for the Match-3 game Cascade!

Match-3 Game in Unity (In Progress) (Individual)

Making a Match-3 game from scratch in Unity!

Card and Dice Game (Individual)

Designing a Card and Dice based game!

Cube Simulator (Individual)

A weekend-long prototyping project!

2 Weeks Later (Group)

A tower-defense RTS game!

Object-Based Game Design (Group)

Designing a game around an object on the spot!

High Roller - Godot Engine (Group)

Learning an engine over a weekend - Godot Engine!

Designing a Sports Game (Group)

Designing a rule sheet for a sports game, from scratch!

Designing a Movie-based Board Game (Individual)

Designing a rule sheet and game board for a game based on the movie "There Will Be Blood"!