Assassin's Creed VR

Worked as a Level Designer in collaboration with Ubisoft’s Red Storm Entertainment, Ubisoft Düsseldorf, and Ubisoft Reflections.
Project currently in development.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake

Worked as a Junior Technical Level Designer and was responsible for:

  • - Scripting and implementation of cinematics and cutscenes
  • - Creating scripted events
  • - Setting up landscape cameras in multiple levels
  • - Recording shots for all the sand visions in the game

Lightless (Group Project)

Level Designer/Game Designer on a 3D puzzle game in which you must make use of light to manipulate enemies and the environment. Showcased at GDC 2019.

Lost and Found (Individual)

Level Designer/Game Designer on Lost and Found, an Action/Adventure game I pitched and am developing using Unreal Engine 5, about a girl named Faith who makes her way into the depths of Egypt to rescue her missing brother.

Volume Level Design (Individual)

Created a level using the level editor provided with the game 'Volume'. Collect all the gems and escape without being spotted!

Fall Guys Level Design (Individual)

'Door Smash' - a multiplayer race level I made using the Creative Construction Level Editor in Fall Guys! Level Code - 4242 - 2361 - 1639.

Portal Level Design (Individual)

Creating a community test chamber using the Portal 2 level editor!

GTA 5 Transform Race Design (Individual)

Designing a race using the GTA 5 level editor.

Golf With Your Friends (Individual)

A Christmas themed 18 hole course I designed using the in-game level editor in 'Golf With Your Friends' with gradually increasing difficulty!

Far Cry Level Design (Individual)

Creating a level using the Far Cry Level Editor! Find a way off the island as soon as possible!

Enemy-based Level Design (Individual)

Making levels specifically tailored to the enemies in your game, and my level design process!

INSIDE Level Analysis (Individual)

Analysing a level from Playdead's INSIDE.

Titanfall 2 Level Analysis (Individual)

Analysing a level from Respawn's Titanfall 2.

Here's some of my other work!
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Gameplay and Prototyping

Weekly individual and team-based game jams!

Game Design

Critiques, Pitches and Design Documents.

Game Development Processes

Development Methods, Postmortems, Risk Assessments and Quality Assurance.

Modeling, Texturing and Animation

Using Maya 2018 to make object and character models, texture them and create animations!

VR Game Dev

Designing and Developing a VR Escape Room game, showcased at the Imagine RIT 2018 festival.

About Me
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About Me

I work as a Level Designer at Ubisoft India in Mumbai, India. I graduated with my MS in Game Design and Development from Rochester Institute of Technology in May 2019!

Anvil, Unreal Engine, Unity 3D, Maya, Adobe Premiere Pro
Programming Languages
C#, Blueprint
Level Design, Game Design, Game Development, Video Editing
Work Experience